Milan reached the Brazil to play: it’s time to go back, I will choose Sao Paulo first

Happy Sports November 20th, Jiangsu Suning Foreign Aid Miranda accepted the interview with global sports. He said that he was 36 years old to return to Brazil’s topic.

Sao Paulo fans are looking forward to the return of Miranda, expressed happy to this Miranda, but first he needs to receive a quote first.

“I know that I can help St. Paul, but also help other top teams in Brazil. Let us see what will happen in January, I hope that the clubs I am interested in can make convincing Quotation, can have a good plan. “

” I will have a good analysis of these quotes, I will definitely have a club to be interested in me, I will definitely return this enthusiasm. “

“I am back to Brazil, I have left here for more than 10 years, I want to go back, play in my country, getting closer to my family, friends.”

“I have been clearly priority The choice is Sao Paulo and Curitiba, which is the place I have been working. I have a deep feelings about the two cents, let us see what will happen next month. “

Miranda’s effectiveness of Corstiba, Sok, Sao Paul, Ma Jing, Inter Milan, 2019 joined Jiangsu Suning, and helped the team won the Super Championship this year.

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