Maka report: Barcelon Temporary Board of Directors does not have the right to approve Messi’s transfer in January


Happy Sports November 20th According to the “Maca” report, the temporary board of the Barcelona club will not have the right to sell Messi in January.

It is understood that after Barto Meiwu resigned, Barcelona managed by the Temporary Board, but this temporary board power is limited, and they do not have the power to make a decision for major transfer.

This week, Messi once again expressed his dissatisfaction. This shot show will not end soon, the Barcelona club regulations: “The Temporary Board can undertake the management and administrative functions of the former board, but is limited to maintaining The necessary or basic behavior of the club’s normal activities and the protection of the club. “

British media said that Manchester City has issued 55 million euros to 60 million euros, try to take away Messi in January, Barcelona may Eric Garcia is required to join the transaction. However, because the temporary board is unable to approve the transfer, they will turn attention to other things, first of all, the most important thing is the new chairman’s elections, the election plan is held on January 24.

Then, the second important task is to reduce the salary expenditure of the club because Barcelona’s finance has been seriously affected by the new championship. It is understood that the Barcelona Club has issued a payroll proposal to all employees, and they hope to get the response from employees next Monday. If the two sides are still unable to talk about the salary problem, then Barcelona may pay the salary unilaterally.

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